About Us

We offer landlords guaranteed rent each and every month and take on the daily tasks associated with managing their property over an agreed period from 1-5 years. In addition to the guaranteed rent, we provide landlords with a full management service including regular property inspections, plus we deal with all maintenance issues. This gives landlords the opportunity to take a step back with the reassurance that their property is being taken care of whilst receiving regular rental income.

We liaise with estate agents to reduce the workload of tenant management.
We also believe in building a strong working relationship with our landlords and tenants to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.

Why Choose Us

Five Reasons Why Clients Choose Us

Guaranteed Rent

Landlords can expect to be paid at the same time each month for up to 5 years with no void periods. 100% guaranteed.


We carry out regular inspections and maintenance management at no extra cost to the landlord.

Tenant Damage

Tenant damage is covered meaning no expensive repairs required at the end of a contract.

Our Team

We work exceptionally hard to meet the needs of our clients and achieve the best possible results.

Quick Response

We take pride in ensuring tenants receive prompt responses.

Tech Systems

We use state of the art property management software to help manage the largest property portfolio's.

We're here to help!

UK Based Company

Proudly founded in United Kingdom, Blenman has made a statement in the industry these last few years with a full-service team of experienced advisors and property managers who will take care of all your property management requirements.